You are a kaleidoscope of colours I never knew existed

Your eyes are spectrums of light that can’t be found anywhere else

I am a blank canvas

That has fallen in love with a painting

I love you in a language I don’t fully understand

Because how can a single word encompass the entire berth of the universe?

I want to memorise the contours of your voice

And write symphonies out of your laughter and tears

Put it on a tape and play it to the rhythm of my heart

So I can remember what it’s like to hear your voice in my ear every morning

Your smile is the only star left in the night sky of my mind

A star that died millions of years ago but I still

Watch it from my window every night to be reminded

Of when you were mine

Your laughter is the only flower that blooms from under the frost of time

And the memory of when you looked at me

Brings entire universes to life inside my chest

If I could

I would paint the wallpaper of my body the colour of your eyes

I still leave a seat empty on the bus for you

Still look for you in every face I see

And if I ever did see you again

I would reach into the graveyard of my throat

Pull out the words I haven’t said since you left me

I would wrap them in every apology I whispered to the floor of my bathtub

And the secrets that spilled from my eyes onto my pillow every night

I would extend the truth towards you with a smile

And say

‘Hello. It’s nice to see you.”

And I’d keep walking

Letting those unsaid words drop to the ground behind me

To be trampled on by strangers

Suffocated by the busy city streets

Never to reach your ears, you will never know the truth

Because lying forgotten on the pavement amongst the rubbish

Is the deepest secret my heart kept since you left me

“I am still in love with you.”

By Ellen Vigus

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