Cupid gave me this boy

said, “hey can you hold him for a second?”

that second turned into a month

and when i realised he wasn’t coming back

i found the boy a safe place

and tucked him into my heart

the boy told me he loved me

and that he had a problem with sarcasm

in the same breath

and i knew my heart was not going to

make it out in one piece

knew he would shatter me

from the inside out

but i held on to him

like a baby clinging

to it’s mother’s hand

when i texted him

i was 50% ‘i love you’

50% backspace

and when he took my silence

for disinterest and walked away

i could hear Cupid laughing from the clouds

it has taken me this long to realise

that i was just

target practice

-By Ellen Vigus

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