He Satisfies a Restless Heart


and sometimes
your hands will stretch out
and find nothing but empty space
and you will tell yourself it’s your fault
you will become a lost sheep
in a room full of people
your kneecaps will become earthquakes
your hands, two clumsy shockwaves
and you will not be able to get up
your heart will be as restless as a beehive
heavier than a boulder
and you will not understand why
but you know exactly what I’m talking about
those days where your bed feels like a coffin
and your alarm is a eulogy
when your skin has forgotten how to hold you
when your shoes have turned into giant magnets
attracting every single obstacle they can find
when your mirror decides to go all ‘Snow White’ on you
and lower your self-esteem until you want to kill someone
when it feels like your body
has become a host to disappointment and failure
and they are parasites feeding off everything good inside
when it feels like nobody will ever love you
not even yourself


God loves you so much that he sent his only son
to save you
and because of this
your bad days are not worth comparing
to what he has stored up for you
yes, you will still wake up
to the empty side of your bed
but you will never again have to face
an empty heart
because he has filled you up and you will overflow
when you only see one set of footprints in the sand
he did not leave you or forsake you
he carried you
when you are a tired and thirsty traveller
he is a fountain
and when you drink
you will never be thirsty again
he will satisfy your restless heart
he loves you
he showed you how much on that cross


that he is coming back for you
no man knows the day or the hour
but it could be today
so get up

By Ellen Vigus

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