When I began
my skin felt like it was made of paper
These walls, as thin as eggshells
The ground, a cracked layer of ice,
the only thing keeping me from
plunging back into the depths
My stomach had convinced itself
that it was sitting at the top of a roller-coaster
My hands had become two torches
setting fire to everything I touched
My voice exchanged its identity
for silence
And yet I was determined to reach
the light at the end of the tunnel
I was determined to tear the roof apart
brick by brick
just to see the stars
I was determined to
find the girl waiting for me
on the other side of the storm

I still remember that day
all those months ago
when we climbed out to that rock
on the edge of the ocean
From there we could see everything

You took an unexpected route
to get there
When I asked you why
you said
“Sometimes to go up
you have to go down first”

-By Ellen Vigus

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