Warped Perception

The first time I saw you
the world around me
tilted its head

You were a shattering of crystal glasses
the crash of a restless ocean against the shore
a starless night split by the crack of lightning
You were all the brightest colors in one
a symphony of quivering strings
a supernova in a glass jar
a flood in a plastic bottle


And I can no longer tell
which I fell in love with;
or the idea of you

-By Ellen Vigus

2 thoughts on “Warped Perception

  1. Hello Ellen, I love reading your poems because they are very emotive.
    you have used a strong imagery like thunder and lightning to express this massive force of love.
    your passion is evident but there is also the disappointment illustrated by the plastic bottle .
    what a contrast of feelings.! at first you describe this boy as super hero that crashes into your life
    but then as he gets closer, you feel disappointed. I hope that I was able to interpret your poem
    satisfactorily. you certainly have talent in writing poetry. nb. keep writing. practice makes it better.
    I was an English teacher, specialising in Literature I studied at Curtin uni. good luck.
    Nick Di Lello.


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