You took me by surprise
when you came crashing into my world
A broken rocket-ship
Spinning, burning, falling
How did you manage to find me
in such a cold, dark and lonely place?
and why are you so early?

I recognized you
a face from my future
a face a heart like this could never forget
You, with all your shiny pieces
and bright, bright stars
I was in love with you before I even understood
what love was

And so of course,
when you crash-landed into me
I did everything I could to fix you
Turned myself into a hospital
learned to jigsaw-puzzle you back together
I was so good to you
And isn’t that what love is?

I am spinning through a lonely orbit
wondering where I went wrong
wondering why the universe is so cold without you
wondering if the stars had it wrong
wondering why
you didn’t love me

-By Ellen Vigus

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