you let the city take you
let the smoke and shadows
sweep you into an embrace

see how the streets can feel so busy
when you’re the only one walking them
see how the moon can feel like
perfect company on a dark night like this

here, eclipsed by the shadows of shattered skyscrapers
tucked between the asphalt and the stars
you allow yourself to unfold

you are a cracked hourglass
with sand spilling from your rib-cage
you are all bones and inky secrets
you lost yourself to these streets
long ago

so tonight
climb to the top of the tallest building
and look out
take in the wasteland of darkness you call your own
and remember

you are the Queen of this city
and even though some days
your crown feels more like a noose
you are here for a reason

hear me?
you have to stay

Ellen Vigus

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