and she healed again

we are the kids who are not afraid of the dark,
sitting in our cities, self-medicating on dreams,
the silence tore us apart, so we blasted the music
until it brought us back to life
until it shocked us out of flat-line
when i looked in your eyes
i saw every night you spent wishing
for the moon to keep you company
i saw the same baggage i keep under my own eyes
no, i don’t know these streets like you do
i can’t walk them with you
but i know how it feels to get lost in your own home
how the roads twist back on themselves
how the compass swings restlessly
how the spinning top refuses to fall
our demons may wear different skins
but they have the same bite
leave the same scars
you and i know scars are just lessons learned
and dark is just the absence of light
so we’ll swallow matches and burn the shadows away
the whole city’s screaming so we’ll whisper instead
we’ll learn to befriend the quiet
learn to be still
on the darkest nights the sky bursts open
with the light of a million stars
a canopy of diamonds sheltering you
alone, but no longer lonely
learning to be your own company
we’ll put down our baggage and burn it into ashes
we’ll keep walking until the knotted maze unwinds itself
until the needle points east to where the dawn exhales across the horizon
until the spinning top falls on its side

i remember i held onto you
at the end of it all
i remember we whispered
‘we made it
we made it
we made it’
over and over and over
until the words stained our lips
until it was no longer a question- but a statement
until we believed it

By Ellen Vigus

One thought on “and she healed again

  1. Ahhh this is good. “until the needle points east to where the dawn exhales across the horizon”.
    So many insightful images in here Ellen. Beautifully structured. Thanks for sharing xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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