the world rewound

i fall asleep / and in my dream / we are all walking backwards / towards a forgotten beginning / the earth inhales darkness / and exhales light / the shore crashes against the ocean / and time spins in reverse / we watch the axe yield / to a regrown forest / extinction is swallowed / by the rebirth of creatures long vanished / broken fissures fuse and smooth over/ the wounded earth knits together / leaving no scar / graveyards give birth to a second chance / smoke is sucked back into stuttering fires / plastic islands break apart / and life is poured back into the ocean / ice caps crystallise / the dusty sky clears / and the earth remembers her youth / those days when we treated her like home / those days before she stopped forgiving us / for apologies we never offered / in my dream / the world is rewound / and we start afresh /

but i wake up / and we are all marching forwards / into a burning future

-By Ellen Vigus

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