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the world rewound

– i fall alseep/ and in my dream / we are all walking backwards (01/03/2020)
~ Winner of the 2020 Golden Pen Award ~

ode to the dreamers

paint the town with starlight, bottle happiness and call it music (31/01/2020)


-the boy sat in his basement, darkness his closest friend (08/09/2019)

ten things that remind me of you

-sometimes i think you were the story, and i was the pen (22/08/2019)

a plea

-i’ve always been afraid of the ocean- it should be blue, but it’s black (01/06/2019)

and she healed again

-dark is just the absence of light, so we’ll swallow matches and burn the shadows away (17/02/2019)


-and i’m beginning to realise that the only thing i like about myself is you (29/01/2019)


see how the moon can feel like perfect company on a dark night like this (20/11/2018)


-this is how i imagined freedom tasted: the wind streaming through my hair and your hand in mine (01/10/2018)


-i was trembling but i was not afraid anymore (30/08/2018)

Things I Know

-I don’t believe in magic but I believe in you and somehow that’s close enough (26/08/2018)


-now, i am spinning through a lonely orbit wondering why the universe is so cold without you (07/08/2018)

The Last Moment Between Us

no matter how hard i reached for you, there was still an ocean between us (31/07/2018)

Warped Perception

you were a supernova in a glass jar, a flood in a plastic bottle. you were a lie. (02/07/2018)


-i crack  open the ribs of old conversations, hoping to find a pulse, a truth, a reason why you broke me (17/05/2018)


i was determined to tear the roof apart brick by brick just to see the stars (29/04/2018)

All of Tomorrow

-you dance without care, take long showers and write poetry in the steamed-up glass. And when he smiles at you, your heart does not run away (07/04/2018)

He Satisfies a Restless Heart

those days where your bed feels like a coffin and your alarm is a eulogy. When your skin has forgotten how to hold you. (07/03/2018)


i do not have to wield my body like a weapon to survive (14/02/2018)


-the boy told me he loved me… and i knew my heart was not going to make it out in one piece (06/02/2018)

 The Depression Checklist

i have given up on trying to convince my shadow to get up and walk beside me. I am lonely (11/10/2017)


– I still leave a seat empty on the bus for you, still look for you in every face i see (09/11/2017)


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ellen xx